More Power and Fuel Saving?
Chip tuning & Ecotuning is possible!
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Chip tuning from Chip Performance provides a power increase of up to 30% in combination with a fuel saving of up to 10%. So by chiptuning the car you get more power, and your own car use becomes more economical while maintaining the warranty.


We have a DYNORACE 4WD HLS which makes it possible that we can measure up to more than 1200 hp engine power. The Dynorace is equipped with a double roll, both with a diameter of 650m. The Dynorace is suitable for 2WD and 4WD cars.


Chip Performance offers you Agrituning to provide various types of agricultural machinery, crawler cranes, mobile cranes, shovels and self-propelled livestock feeders with chip tuning. Varying from tractor to combine. Return can be achieved everywhere!


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Chip Performance also offers the option of dealer of our chip tuning, ecotuning or Agrituning become software. This is possible for the automotive sector such as garages and car companies, truck companies and for the agricultural sector.


We can also assemble your parts for you at a competitive hourly rate. Our workshop is equipped with the latest tools & professional staff, so that we can install everything quickly and efficiently with our service.


We have a total webshop, Motorsport24, with parts such as rims, turbo upgrades, stainless steel exhaust systems for almost every brand. We can professionally assemble the products that you can purchase here in our workshop.


Chip Performance also takes care of the entire construction and maintenance of your race car. Chip Performance also deals with the Motorsport. For example, there is its own team that participates in various car races on circuits in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Chip Performance is the specialist in chip tuning through experience. When chiptuning your car, we adjust the engine management (ECU). A Engine Management works electronically according to different fields. With chip tuning we adjust these mapping fields, this chip tuning results in an increase of the power and torque.

We adjust various maps in chip tuning. When tuning, we mainly intervene in the maps of the pre-ignition, turbo pressure and air / fuel mixture. An ignition field can indicate that at 5.300 rpm the pre-ignition varies between 28º and 37º. At 5.600 rpm, the car manufacturer can choose to play it safe and keep the ignition at 0º. The consequence of this is a decrease in fuel pressure and power. We can push this boundary with the help of chip tuning. By logging on the test bench we can see where this spontaneous drop is located. We will use this information to optimize the software.

Chip tuning fields

Per · formance (de; v (m); meervoud: Performances)


With the help of chip tuning, the power of your car's engine is increased. At the same time, you also achieve significant fuel savings through auto tuning. We do this at Chip Performance by optimally adjusting the engine management software. As a result, the car accelerates faster and the top speed is increased.


You are probably wondering exactly how chip tuning works. It's actually quite simple. The engine management (ECU) has a number of preset mapping fields. These are adjusted by the manufacturer so that there is a wide margin of safety. However, this margin is often taken so wide that power is lost. By chip tuning your car, you ensure that the power of the engine is increased within the safe margin. In addition, this increases the engine power and torque without increasing the load on the engine.


At Chip Performance we can increase different values ​​of map fields for you by chip tuning. We can increase the ignition temperature, the turbo pressure and the air / fuel mixture. When adjusting these temperatures, we pay close attention to the consequences. As soon as the car's engine temperature rises, a step back must be taken. In this way we optimally adjust the motor and avoid additional thermal stress. By means of chip tuning we give your car more flexibility, so that the car will drive and accelerate significantly better.


Are you interested in chip tuning for your car while maintaining the warranty? Then fill in the below get in touch form. Then we ensure that your car will perform optimally thanks to the car tuner. Would you like to know more about chip tuning or do you wonder what chip tuning can mean for your car? Then contact us via + 31 (0) 174 - 23 56 50. Are you curious about the performance gains and driving pleasure that chip tuning can bring you? Calculate it easily via our handy tool.

More power with chip tuning? Driving more economically?

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